Monday, July 31, 2017

Session #5!

Another week, another full Summer Camp, and another Monday All-Camp Photo!

And we couldn't be more excited for "Perfectly Functioning Time Machine Week." The above sign is clearly an error.

Speaking of Time Machine, lets flash backward to see how that stunning group photo is accomplished!

We take an empty field, and prepare it for New Games!

Before New Games, we quickly fill it with our campers and staff.

And then we take a picture. I guess there really isn't that much that goes into it.

But All-Camp photos aren't all we do on Mondays! We start on our friendship bracelets!

We take our first trip to the waterfront!

We're serious about it!

But not that serious.

And though we do other things on Mondays in 2017, we do take All-Camp photos as well. We've certainly proved that.

NEXT TIME: More photos from Session #5! More photos, but most likely with less people in them.

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