Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meet the Staff of '15: Molly Interviews Chrystian

The lucky thirteenth  installment of our 17ish part series:  Meet the Summer Staff of 2015!

Ms. Molly "Dancin' Molly" Palmer

Environmental Education Coordinator

("Dancin' Molly?" Why "Dancin' Molly"? We have our reasons. As you see below, those reasons are relatively self explanatory.)


(Yes, this blog post isn't just pictures of Molly dancing, there is in fact an interview...)

Where was I? Oh yes.




Molly: Soo what made you decide to live in the woods for the summer?

Chrystian: I love the idea of "getting away from it all" and being a city boy, I would be definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone, which in my eyes is healthy
I would also like to get away from having to work at a movie theater for a while, don't really like smelling like popcorn all the time

Molly: Ha ha, I love the smell of popcorn but I bet smelling like it all the time might ruin it for you. What area are you going to be working in this summer?

Chrystian: Arts and Crafts

Molly: What are you most looking forward to make in the craft shop?

Chrystian: Scenes during the drama class
I love acting it is sooooo much fun!!
I love acting it is sooooo much fun!

(Editors note: This is not as typo, Chrystian really did say this twice in the interview. I think it's simply an indication of how much he loves acting.)

Molly: I love acting too. I look forward to seeing you in a few skits this summer
If you could act any part in the world what would it be?

Chrystian: Harry Potter! I LOVE HARRY POTTER, I wish I could live in the world of Harry Potter

Molly: Ahhh no kidding I went to the Luna lovegood open auditions in London when I was 15. If you could cast any spell what would it be and why?

Chrystian: "Ridiculous", so I can make all my fears be funny.

Molly: Oooo that's a good one. If you could have any animal (living or extinct) as a pet what would it be, and what would you name it?

Chrystian: A hamster named monster.

Molly: So you and monster have been invited to a fancy dress party ... What do each of you go as?

Chrystian: Monster will dress as a human, I will dress as a hamster

Molly: ha ha that's brilliant!
Ok last question you get to make one summer wish in the wishing well at camp .. what is your wish?

Chrystian: My wish is to be able to go college with an easy transition.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meet the Staff of '15: Lindsey Filo Interviews Zoe

The twelfth installment of our 17ish part series:  Meet the Summer Staff of 2015!

Lindsey Filo

Creative Arts Counselor


Zoe Divers

Creative Arts Counselor

Lindsey: Where are you from?

Zoe:“I’m actually from a very small island near the south of England called Wight.”

Lindsey: How’d you hear about camp?

Zoe:“I few people I know had went in the past and said they really enjoyed it.”

Lindsey:  Why did you apply to work at 4-H camp?

Zoe: “I always wanted to travel and working at a summer camp in America sounded like a great opportunity. I wanted to do something different and the 4-H Camp sounded like a really fun and exciting place to be!”

Lindsey:  What area will you be working in this summer?

Zoe: “Arts and crafts.”

Lindsey:  What is your favorite kind craft to do?

Zoe: “I like to paint, but I really enjoy drama! I like to do physical and story-telling theatre. I also love musicals and my favorite is the Lion King!”

Lindsey:  How do you feel about tie-dye?

Zoe: “I’ve actually never done tie-dye! But I am supper excited to try it this summer!  I’ll bring all of my white clothes!”

Lindsey:  What are you looking most forward to this summer?

Zoe: “Trying a s’more!”

Lindsey:  If you could be any type of cereal, what kind would you be and why?

Zoe: “I think I would be Crunchy Nut? It’s my favorite!”

Friday, April 17, 2015

Meet the Staff of '15: Mister Wasserman Interviews Tory Engel

The eleventh installment of our 17ish part series:  Meet the Summer Staff of 2015!

Mr. Michael "Mister Wasserman" Wasserman

Shooting Sports Counselor


Tory Engel

Waterfront Counselor

M: Hey Tory! How are you on this fine day?

T: Can’t complain… except my back aches, the sun's too bright, but its all good, because my booty shakes from the left to the right! 

(***Editors Note: For those of you who don't know, worry not. That is a reference to a Camp Song. Tory is not ill and she is in need of NO medical attention.***)

M: I am pretty fantastic, so let’s get this interview on the road. How long have you been coming to camp?

T: This will be my 11th summer at 4‐H camp (am I old yet?)

M: Wow! That is an incredibly long time, longer than some of the campers have been alive! So what compelled you to become a staff member here at 4‐H Camp?

T: When I was just a little cabin 8 girl all of the counselors had water guns so naturally I asked Jim if I could have one! He said that I could have one when I became a counselor. I am following through on that. (On a serious note, I love all of the energy and experiences that are made at camp and I want to help make those memories similar to the ones that I have from being a camper.)

M: This is new information for me and I will be bringing a water gun this year because water guns are really cool. Since I’m a shooting sports counselor, water guns are something I’m pretty good with. Speaking of course areas, what course area will you be taking charge of this summer?

T: You’ll be able to see me splashing around over at WATERFRONT! YEAH KAYAKS AND CANOES AND SLIDES!

M: That sounds completely awesome! Just like camp! What are you looking forward to the most as well as the least?

T: I am looking forward to spending the summer at the best place on earth obviously. I am not exactly sure how I feel about the chaos machine yet, I guess we'll find out soon, right?

M: You are indeed correct. So what made you keep coming back to camp? It’s a very crazy place and to my astonishment, I have heard rumors that there are people that don’t spend entire summers in the woods.

T: All the amazing people I met and how I could come to camp knowing no one and leave with three new best friends. Also being outside playing games and having a good laugh every day.

M: Well camp is a perfect place for all of those things! What are you expecting the life of a counselor to be like?

T: I don’t really know what to expect. I am going into the position with an open mind and an adventurous heart. I know, though, that I will love the job itself because of my love of camp.

M: I think that’s the right attitude to succeed in the life of a CAMP COUNSELOR. If you could only have one camp meal the entire summer, what would that meal be and would there be any specific way people would have to eat said meal?

T: Viking dinner forever and always. Who doesn’t like to stick their faces into some freak‐out?

(***Editor's Note, Again. Once more, for those of you who don't know, Freak-Out is a delicious Thursday night Camp dessert. Tory is still not ill.***)

M: Everyone loves to stick their faces in freakout, it’s too good to resist. Viking dinner also means that silverware doesn’t need to go through our beloved Hobart. So what exactly is your favorite camp memory?

T: This is harder to answer than all of the SATs, math questions, and chemistry questions combined. So I am going to do my go to that I do with those and guess: C. all of the above.

M: That is a valid answer and I won’t press it any further because there is so much to love about camp! What do you feel you bring to the camp that nobody else can?

T: I can bring my favorite coffee mug and some serious dance moves.

M: Everyone loves a good coffee mug! Just be careful with yours so it doesn’t end up shattering like some of the other mugs did this past summer. RIP Jim’s Moose Mug. Is there anything that an old counselor of yours did that you are really excited to do with your campers?

T: (moment of silence for Jim’s Moose Mug) Being super spontaneous and playing games that definitely don’t exist outside of the camp world. (Cutter disk ultimate Frisbee foosball to be exact)

M: I’m glad you’re excited for all those crazy things because I guarantee camp will provide plenty spontaneity and games that don’t exist in the “real world” (whatever that is). Is there anything you would like to know about being a counselor from someone that has done it before?

T: How to be as awesome as you guys, is there a trick? Should I start eating a lot of oranges? Do I grow into the awesomeness or do I find the awesomeness? Teach me your ways.

M: That is actually confidential information that you will learn on the camp premises. It has been marvelous talking to you Tory and I’m SO EXCITED you will be joining the crazy crew of camp this coming summer.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meet the Staff of '15: The Samalander Interviews Tara

The tenth installment of our 17ish part series:  Meet the Summer Staff of 2015!

Sam "Samalander" Dolan

EE Counselor


Tara McCarter
EE Counselor

Sam: What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Tara: My favourite outdoor activity is probably playing field hockey with my team.

Sam: What is your least favorite school subject and why? 

Tara: French, just because I am really bad at languages. Saying that I have now, at university, voluntary chosen to learn french. I must be crazy. 

Sam: I'm not really great at languages either. haha. What is the coolest place you've ever been? 

Tara: I have visited a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the amazon rainforest in Guyana, South America. It was so remote and we had to get a aeroplane to visit it. 

Sam: That sounds pretty amazing. What are you most excited for about camp? 

Tara: Coming to a different country spending the time outside in the sun and meeting new people. 

Sam: Describe your favorite shirt and why is it your favorite? 

Tara: I'm not sure I have ever thought about it, but it could have to be one that is really comfortable that I would wear around the house. 

Sam: Those are definitely the best kind of shirts. What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? 

Tara: Meeting up with friends and cycling to the next village where we would spend the day sitting on the grass and eating ice cream. 

Sam: What is the most exciting thing you've ever received in the mail? 

Tara: A letter from my friend that was in South Africa at the time and I hadn't seen for about 5 months. 

Sam: If you could make a hybrid of any two animals what would they be, what would the new animal be called, and why?

Tara: I think a dolphin and a parrot this animal could then be possible to swim and fly. It would be possible for the animal to go anywhere. the name would be Dolrot (sorry it is not very good). 

Sam: Haha, that's great. swimming and flying. Mine would be a chipmunk and a hermit crab. I just think it sounds adorable. What do you hope to learn this summer at camp? 

Tara: Learn about the camp experience and see why lots of people decide to go. learn about America and overall just have an amazing summer. 

Sam: What do you want to be when(if. haha.) you grow up?

Tara: I'm not sure yet luckily I have still got one more year at university to decide (avoid) what to do.

Monday, April 13, 2015

72 degrees and sunny. Yet...

It's the very first beautiful day of the springtime here at Camp...

Yet, there is one remnant of the winter, one vestige of the last season that's still hanging around.

That' right.

There is still snow here on Camp.

Yup. Can't argue. That's what snow looks like.

Not much, mind you, but it's definitely there. It's definitely snow. And it's definitely gotten on our nerves.

This one is right outside my office, which adds an element of insult to injury every time I look out the window.

All right, snow. I'm going to say this clearly, with all the internet as my witness.

You have worn out your welcome.

You were neat in January. You were fun even! To sled on, to play in, we had a blast. We really did.
In February you kept the forest quiet and pretty and vaguely Robert Frost-esque. That was nice too. 

Then March came around, we kept dropping hints that now would be a good time to wrap it on up, go ahead and hit the road. And yet you hung around. And hung around. 

And now it's half-way through April, and no more Mr. Nice-Guy, no more subtle "boy it is sure is late for there to still be snow, isn't it?" clues, I'm just going to come out and say it.

It's time. 

It is time to melt.

You don't have to go home. But you can't stay here.

(Where is snows "home" you ask? The atmosphere. It melts, it then evaporates, in then goes to it's home in the atmosphere where it will return to us in a fine summer rain shower to cool off a 98 degree day in late July. It really is a lovely cycle.)

Melt, snow. Melt.

And enjoy this beautiful spring day, internet!

Meet the Staff of '15: Mark Interviews Ms. Rachel Podgorski!

The ninth installment of our 17ish part series:  Meet the Summer Staff of 2015!

Mark Schlichting

Shooting Sports Counselor


Rachel Podgorski
Shooting Sports Counselor

Mark: How many years have you been at camp?

Rachel: This is going to be my 9th summer at camp!

Mark: What is your favorite memory of camp as a camper

Rachel: Oh man, that's too hard!  Right now I'm thinking about a Karaoke Baking cabin choice activity, but I'll probably think of something different in the next minute.

Mark: Who if anyone was your favorite counselor an why (me/Ben obviously)

Rachel: Mark, neither you nor Ben have been counselors when I was a camper.  We did catch a bear one year I was there, though.  He wasn't technically my counselor either, but I'd say the bear.

(Editor's Note: Mark, thanks for pushing me for consideration.)

(Bear's Note: Rachel, thank you for my official selection as "favorite counselor. I'll cherish this.)

Mark: What is your passion in life ( dream job/career)?

Rachel: Anyone who knows me knows not to ask me that, I'll talk your ear off about Ebola for days!  I love diseases.  My dream job would be a part time scientist, part time pastry chef, part time park ranger.

Mark: What are your three favorite things to do with your down time

1. Reading
2. Exploring the outdoors
3. Prank calling Mark Schlichting

Mark: What's you favorite sport team?

Rachel: I'm a huge Devils hockey fan, because I'm loyal to the great state of New Jersey  (I'm looking at you, "Rangers fan" Mark)

Mark: What's your favorite camp week theme?

Rachel: Chaos.  Sorry for being unoriginal, but there's a reason its a classic camp staple! I've dreamed of being ice-cream sundae-ed my whole life.

Mark: What is your main goal this summer?

Rachel: I've put in 9 years at this place with the sole goal of being ice-cream sundae-ed. Seriously. It's the only reason I'll be here. (Really though, I'm just looking to have an awesome summer with awesome people in my favorite place in the world!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Camp...In The Newspaper!

We say we're an unplugged Camp, and we practice what we preach 'cause what's more unplugged than an article in a good ol' fashioned classic Sunday newspaper?

Newspapers. The original blog posts.

Special thanks to Dave Foord of Sussex 4-H for setting this up, and to the NJ Herald for running it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet the Staff of '15: Ben Interviews Sean Post

The eight and half-th installment of our 17ish part series:

Meet the Summer Staff of 2015!

Ben "Y'know...Me" Clawson
Program Director




BEN: So Mr. Post, after years and years and years of volunteering, you're finally going to work on staff, something you've never done before. What made you take the plunge?  

SEAN POST: I had heard from so many people how great it was to be at camp for more than one week at a time and I figured I needed to actually see what that was like for myself.

BEN: An interesting answer. I see you are among the many people who forgot that you did indeed work here for the entirety of Summer 2011. Moving on.
So this is a brand new position at Camp. What made you think you were qualified?

SEAN POST:  It honestly felt like it was a position created just for me.  I enjoy volunteering and I once read an online review about a management book so I didn't think I could be any more qualified.  I also manage multiple fantasy football teams which I felt would qualify me for managing real people as well.

BEN:  I seem to recall I beat you rather handily in one of those leagues. (That’s what I seem to recall. That does not mean it is true though.) What are the most important qualities for a Deputy Director of Volunteer Management to exhibit?  

SEAN POST:  I believe there are great expectations for a position of this honor.  A Deputy Director needs to be capable of using a walkie-talkie and have experience with the Hobart to clean after meals.  While I have yet to use a walkie, I believe I will show enthusiasm and a spirit of learning to get up to speed.  The most important quality though would be to work whether a paycheck actually arrives or not.

BEN:  Yeah, you’re not getting a Walkie. When you volunteered last year, you kidnapped our Arts and Crafts Coordinator Alissa Cutter for the entirety of Session 4. I would have thought that wouldn't bode well for you to be employed at Camp, and yet here you are. How did you overcome the fact that you're a known criminal in your interview?  

SEAN POST:  Yes, this was certainly an obstacle for me to overcome in the interview process as everyone loves Alissa.  However, I also kidnapped both Figlers and I think that was a pretty successful moment last summer.  I guess the good outweighed the bad in this case.

BEN:  Under your watch as Deputy Director, what will you do to ensure there are LESS kidnappings of Staff, and not more? 'Cause I actually just remembered you also kidnapped both Figler brothers (our revered Twinces for Medieval Week), so we always seem to have quite a spike in Theme-Related-Fun-Inducing-Staff-Abductions while you're present. How will you stop this?

SEAN POST: It is something that I have been working very hard to improve upon.  When I just stopped in for a week last summer, I did not think about the ripple effects of multiple kidnappings.  However, as the Deputy Director, I know I will need the help of the staff and I think that will be an excellent deterrent to my abduction habit.  I can't make any promises though....

BEN:  You can’t seem to make them or keep them, Sean Post. Camp Director Jim has made it very clear he does not agree with you working here because you're "unqualified and troublesome" and thinks your position is "utterly unnecessary". He has stated he intends to fire you very early in the Summer. So...if you could be fired by Jim ANYWHERE on Camp, where would it be? 

SEAN POST: I can understand where Jim is coming from, but I will make it my mission to prove him wrong.  I guess, though, if I have to be fired, there seems something poetic about being 'fired' by the lake side 'fire' ring.

BEN:  That’s exactly the kind of pun he’d enjoy enough where it just might save your job. I heard you stood in the freezing rain for ALL of Winter Gathering, hanging soggy ornaments on the Camp Tree. What made you decide to do that? 

SEAN POST:  It may surprise you, but this was a decision I made entirely on my own, without anyone else suggesting or dictating that I would have this responsibility.  My volunteering senses were tingling and I just felt inspired.

BEN:  If you could give me any birthday gift, what would it be? (Money is no option. Don't be cheap. It is my birthday, after all.) 

SEAN POST:  There is a very lengthy list of all this things that I have always wanted to give you for your birthday - I usually think about it at least twice a day.  The top three would be: a custom tailored tie dye suit; a framed picture of myself; and a record player/record (I figured you would like the vintage technology) with camp songs sung by actual campers.

BEN:  You can give me all three. There is no rule that you can only give one birthday gift. You've been coming to Camp for about 17 years straight. What could we do to make you stop? Seriously. What. WHAT!? Tell us and we'll do it. 

SEAN POST: Pay me?

BEN:  Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll see how the summer goes. So, has this interview been the best part of your day, your week, or your life? 

SEAN POST:  I once got interviewed by the local paper for seeing the premier of the Pokemon movie, circa late 1990's and that was a pretty great moment.  This interview would also rank up there pretty high in terms of great life events.

BEN:  I need to Google back issues of the Herald and find that interview immediately. Finally, a quick brain game. Sean Post,'s date?


BEN:  Why yes, Sean Post. It is April 1st. This is an April 1st Blog “Post.” Very astute of you.

Meet the Staff of '15: Nurse Tosti Interviews Michael

The eighth installment of our 17ish part series:

Meet the Summer Staff of 2015!

Lauren "Nurse Tooostiiiiii" Tosti

Health Director



Tosti: Hi Michael! Do you go by Michael or Mike?

Michael: I don't mind, Mike is cool though :) 

Tosti: Describe yourself using only three words and explain why each word fits you!

Mike (switching to Mike, since Mike is cool): Happy, Competitive, Adventurous 
First I would say I’m happy because I always have a smile on my face where ever I go.  My next word to describe myself would be competitive because I like all sports especially WATER SPORTS!!!  Lastly I would describe myself as adventurous because I like to try new things.

Tosti: A classic camp question… What would you consider to be your spirit animal?

Mike: A Tiger

Tosti: Hmmm, why a Tiger?

Mike: I don't know, I’ve always liked tigers, they’re just big and colorful and when I was little my favorite character was Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.  

Tosti: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Mike:Camp, because I like to meet new people and learn new things!

Tosti: Since you are going to be a waterfront counselor, what is your favorite water related activity?

Mike: Swimming! I'm a competitive swimmer, but I'm taking a WHOLE season out due to university and focus more on study. My favorite stroke is butterfly!

Tosti: What is your favorite non-water related activity? (a.k.a. other activities you love to do)

Mike: Football (English football) or soccer I think that's how you say it in the USA.  I play football on a regular basis with mates we play in little leagues and cups :) Also I am a big Liverpool football club fan :)