Thursday, January 16, 2014

A View from the (middle of the) Lake

So, during that bitter cold streak last week the lake froze over. In fact, it froze over enough where you could walk across and not worry about the ice breaking and falling in.

Well, no, that's inaccurate. 

It froze over enough where you could walk across and the ice wouldn't break and you wouldn't fall in, but turns out you still worry about it. 

Turns out when you're standing square in the middle of the lake, you still worry about it. A lot. 

Right around here. Here is where you start to worry.

When the sun hits the ice the lake makes super weird noises. Kind of like a remixed humpback whale call in an echo chamber . Or simply like a cracking. Which makes you miss the first noise.

Frozen spill-way waterfall.

Slide temporarily out of order.

Ladder also temporarily out of order.
Actually the whole lake is temporarily out of order.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Introducing (Brand New for Summer 2014)...The Camp Lantern Program

We here at Camp have been cooking up something pretty exciting for next summer. It's kind of our version of a frequent flier/gold card/camper loyalty reward initiative-thing, and it's called the Lantern program.

As you know, we use a lantern here at Camp to hold the Camp Spirit, the fire that lights the opening campfire. It is this same lantern the Thomas Murphy award winner carries up to our Honor Ceremony, and is then used to light the ring of candles held by everyone at camp. At that ceremony we remind the campers that as the light passes from candle to candle they are now the keepers of the camp spirit. This is why we have borrowed the term Lantern for our new version of the ol' bring-a-friend program.

The Lantern program is designed to reward you, the campers and families who know and love camp and come back summer after summer after summer.

How to join is simple. Just recruit a brand-new camper to come to camp for Summer 2014. They can be a friend from school, the community, a sports team, a club or anywhere. They can be a distant cousin, a pen pal, a class mate, or anyone. Our campers and their families know how to spot "camp" people, and the best way to spread our camp spirit and grow enrollment is by your word of mouth. When your recruited camper or family registers for Camp they must list you on the form as their Lantern Family. That's it. Bring one (or more!) brand new camper to camp, and you're enrolled in our Lantern program.

Of course, beyond the simple joy of getting more campers to come to camp, there's a bunch of excited benefits for you to become a Lantern. They are:

****An exclusive 2014 Camp Lantern T-Shirt for your camper. (Not available in Camp Stores! Super cool looking! The envy of all your fellow campers!)****
**** A snazzy  L.G. Cook Lantern decal for your family car.(Most of our campers don't yet have cars of their own, as driving at their age would be [and should be] very illegal.)****

****An invite to our Summer Kick-Off BBQ July 12th.****
(Taking place the Saturday after Session One, the Lantern BBQ will be some extra times for Lantern campers and their families to hang out at camp with the staff, enjoy a cook-out by the lake, and a variety of camp games, classes, and activities.)

****And the big one: 50 dollars off the following summer's (2015's) registration.***
( That's 50 dollars off for every brand new camper you get to come to camp Summer 2014. Three campers? One hundred and fifty dollars off. Four? Two hundred. Get five brand new campers to come to camp? A week of camp Summer 2015 is free.)

Lantern membership is only open to campers who have previously attended Lindley G. Cook 4-H Camp.

For further details and information visit the Camp Lantern section of our website.

We hope you are as excited about this opportunity to both spread the camp spirit to new campers and enjoy some benefits from your loyalty to Lindley G. Cook as we are.