Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Theme's The Thing

So, as you all so well know, each one of our six sessions here at Summer Camp has a theme. 95% of each camp week features the exact same stuff, but the themes add that extra bit of flavor (Spice, if you will. You will? Great. I was hoping you would.), that makes each week unique and different from the others.

Some themes are so popular and successful we have to repeat them every summer or there'd be a riot (Chaos, anyone?) and then there are a bunch of themes we only haul out every few years (Every Day's a Holiday is a classic), and other themes that we'll probably only ever see once. (Chances are there won't be another Book Week.)

Since we are already beginning to kick around themes for Summer 2014, we wanted to get your thoughts on what themes you might be excited about. If you follow this link (see, I'm beginning to figure out the internet. I already know what a link is), you can vote on a list of themes. Some we've done in summers past, others are brand new ideas. There's also a section for you to write in your own theme suggestions. There's some wacky new ideas on there, and we're interested to see which ones get the most votes.

I love each and every week of the summer, and seeing the unique personality that each week's theme gives the camp is part of the fun.

Can't wait to find out what we decide (with your help) next summer's themes will be... 

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Summer Director in an Empty Autumn Camp or (Stranger in a Strangeland) or {A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court}

Sorry for the literary references in the title. In my defense, I haven't actually read either of those books.

So I'm Ben. Over the past nineteen summers I've been a Camper, Counselor, Coordinator and (currently) Summer Camp Director here at Lindley G. Cook 4-H Youth Center for Outdoor Education. 

Or, as we who know it fondly call it, "4-H Camp". 

Or for those of us who know it even better even more fondly call it, simply "Summer Camp". 

For the very first time I'm gonna be up at camp a couple days a week all year long preparing for the summer season, getting our counselor staff together, finding more campers to join us at camp, and just generally hanging out on the best little 108 acres of forest there is.

Thusly I've made this little online journal to document the off-season at camp.  It'll be a place to keep everyone updated on the happenings here at camp; what's new, what we're working on, and what's coming up next. It'll also be a place for all of us to be able to share thoughts, memories, philosophies, pictures and whatever else we need to keep the camp spirit going all year round.

In addition to myself, as we go forward we'll have some guest writers submitting entries (counselors and campers alike) on some different subjects and topics, so keep an eye out for future posts where I'll be looking for some contributors.

AND (full disclosure), I don't really have any idea how this "internet" of yours functions, so we'll be learning how this all works together as we go along.