Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Leadership Weekend!

Yes! We just held our Third Annual Leadership Weekend, and this here blog post will fill you in on all the details, and answer each and every single one of your many, many Leadership Weekend-Related Questions!

Questions like:

"Well, who goes to Leadership Weekend?"

The answer is: People like this!

And this!

And also this!

Yes, the answer is...

That Leadership Weekend is for our campers...

Who can no longer be campers...

Because after summers...

And summers...

And summers here...

They've gotten too old!

They've aged out!

They've graduated our CIT Program!

And can no longer be campers!


Wait for it.


That doesn't mean their Camp journey is over.

It means it's just beginning.

Yes, their time as campers is behind them...

But their future...

As Junior Counselors...
Lies ahead.

Whoa, indeed. Yes. This face. I agree.

So yes, that's who was here! People like this! (Sometimes they had lasagna with them.)

And the weekend was run by people like this, our Senior Staff!

And people like this, on our Camp Fire Council!

Yes, people like this!

And even people like this.

"But what did you guys do all weekend?"

We made lunch!

We set tables!

We sat at tables!

We had counselor training sessions!

We played counselor training games!

Real fun counselor training games!

We even kept score of counselor training games!

We walked around!

But we DID NOT walk around on the lake. Not this year. We just looked  at the lake.
We also looked at trees.

And the we looked at trees in the night time.

And then we played cards!

And in general, we hung out.

" all just hung out?"

No! No, we did not just hang out!

We did work!
Sharp stick carrying work!

Putting thorn bushes we didn't want any more in trucks work!

Cleaning up after ourselves work!

Learning how to clean the cabins work!

Yes, how to clean the cabins the way counselors do in-real-life-during-the-summer-kind-of-work!

Work with brooms!
Work with spray bottles!
Work posing to show the camera how serious the work we did

And then we posed friendlier because of how close we all got after doing so much work.

And then we jumped in the air cause the work was done with!

And then we did this. No one knows why.
"Hmm. Okay. Well,did you end the weekend with a classic world famous Thank You Circle?"

Yes! Funny you should ask.

Yes,we did.

We ended the weekend...

With our world famous...

Thank You Circle.

"But did you take one last group photo?"

You bet we did.

Thanks for all those who attended, and all those who made this weekend possible! We can't wait to see this whole group back during Summer 2016 to serve in their new role as Junior Counselors!