Monday, January 30, 2017

...and more International Staff!

Hold on.

Wait just one second.

After London I though I was going back!

Back to home, sweet home!

Back to Camp, sweet Camp!


This beautiful building... NOT our Dining Hall.

And this...

This is not Logistics Coordinator T-Nivi!

And this! 

This is NOT the doorway to my office.

And while our Dining Hall bell is size-able...

It is not quite this size-able.

Which all makes sense.
Because this place is NOT Camp, sweet Camp!

Because instead...

It's Poland!

Poland, sweet Poland.

And I'm in Krakow...

To find more intrepid International Staff...

For Summer 2017.

And here's our first brand-new applicant now!

Filling out her brand-new-first-time-application...

Because she's brand-new and never-ever-been-to-Camp-before.


You're not brand-new! You're Kate!

Kate from Cabin #8! Staff of 2016, and here to help me...

Round up the next batch of staff who will journey...

...All the way from Poland to Stokes State Forest to help make Summer 2017 happen.

Staff like Dorota! Who accepts with a sincere handshake.

And seals the deal with an enthusiastic thumbs up.

That was fun.

And Michal! (Good serious handshake, Michal. Quite serious.)

But Michal can't stay serious!

Cause he's too excited to show up at Camp for Summer 2017!

And finally, we look thoughtful and determined as we bring Magdalena aboard the  4-H Camp Summer Staff.

But during the summer, we'll almost certainly look more like this.

And with that, THERE we have it! Our International Summer Staff of 2017 has been assembled.

Bringing the world a little bit closer together, one by one, a counselor and a camper at a time, here at Summer Camp.

Now, I'm actually going home.

...I think. Anyway.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Off to find our International Staff...

Oh no.

It's happening again.

This is NOT the view from the Dining Hall porch.

And I know our waterfront bridge.

And this, sir...

Is NOT our waterfront bridge.

And though our cabins also have very  impressive, sturdy walls...

This is NOT one of our cabins.

And though also majestic, this is NOT Woodrow, the Camp Dog.

I've been through this kind of change in scenery before.

And it can only ever mean one thing.

I'm back in London again...

To hire our international staff.

At the Camp America Job Fair.

And this dashing, mustached gentleman is our first applicant!

Wait. Why is this dashing, mustached gentleman already wearing a L.G. Cook Camp T-shirt?!

Because the dashing, mustached gentleman is NOT a dashing, mustached gentleman, but rather our counselor Ben Simmonds in disguise!

He's here to help me round up the new staff who will be joining him here at Camp for Summer 2017.

Staff like Phoebe, who accepts her job offer with a very serious handshake.

Though when it comes to Camp, it's hard to stay serious for long.

Yeah, not very long at all.

Who's next up for the Staff of 2017?

Anna is next up for the Staff of 2017!

This is supposed to be a serious hand-shake, Anna!

Just like that, quite serious, very good.

And then, as you've come to expect...

Things turn not-so-serious again quite quickly.

Until we quite seriously meet new counselor Arjun!

And quite seriously offer a job to Mariha!

Wait, now I'm the one completely forgetting to be serious.

And now it's all of us...
 Who are completely forgetting to be serious!

But it's also all of us...

Who are excited to be coming to 4-H Camp for Summer 2017.

After successfully finding a wonderful group of summer staff, there's nothing left to do but take a quick picture...

Of just a few Bens.

Now it's back to home, sweet home, Camp, sweet Camp...