Friday, September 30, 2016

Summer Camp In Review: One More Look Back Before October

September is dwindling!

And September is when we remember "our camping days and friendships true!"

Kidding. We can do that every month.

Seriously. Every month. It's really okay. Don't panic.


September is National Remember Our Camping Days And Friendships True Month! (Is it? Sure it is. Don't believe it? Look it up. Right here on the Camp Blog. Cause we just decided on it.)

Then what's October?

October is We Start Turning Our Eyes Toward Next Summer (Already? Yes, already!) With News of New Themes, New Classes, and Over-All Newness. Month. 

But first! I digress.

Cause it's still September, and in celebrating the theme of our month, we've got one more look at the summer that was - all collected from our final Saturday morning of the Summer 2016 season. 

Oh no!  It's the last morning of Camp! We weren't expecting to have to take a picture...

Ah, well. How should we pose?

This should work.

But how should we pose?

Bam. Easy decision. 

Luggage is all packed, sitting out on the porch a-,
-waiting departure. (A Camp Haiku...kind of.)

But what should we do!?

Ahh! This!? We'll do this!

Move over staff!
Campers want goofy photos too.

But the staff won't move over! Cause they're the goofy photo professionals.

Except these two. These two are serious.


Well, what are you guys gonna do?

We don't know!!!

We're just gonna do a classic friendly smiley shot.

Wait! We can do better than that! Like this!

Oh no.

Well, this was predictable. Except for Aaron, because being that high up is probably scary.

A here's a few of us...

Who have been at Camp...

All summer long.

This guy.

An annual summer photo with my friend Alex.

These guys couldn't look crazy if they tried.


It actually comes to them quite naturally.

I wonder where the Cabin #4 boys get it from. 

Yes, by now you should know our staff are happy.

Goofy-happy cause of the great summer we had,

Going into our final World Famous Thank You Circle of the season!

That's right, you're getting a behind the scenes look, at the shrouded-in-secrecy World Famous Thank You Circle!


We all sit around.

In a circle.

And say thank you.

It's kind of self explanatory. 

It's also a kind of nice note to end our week in the woods on.

But not quite end...

Because then we have awards!


Yes, awards!

After which we all march up...


And shouting, 

To meet our parents, honored guests, and other folks who might be picking us up and driving us home...

At the NOTHING Ceremony,

Where the Senior Staff...

Try to provide the smallest glimpse...

And quickest re-cap...

Into the million moments and zany memories...

That go into a week of Summer Camp.

And of course in the summer of 2016, it also featured the Curtis Show.

And then finally, we are at our final final thing...

As the staff comes down the hill,

Gathers in front of Camp  and parents of Camp and friends of Camp  and general acquaintances of Camp alike...

And puts their all into one last song...

 For the week...

For the season...

And for these...

Summer Camp in Review blog posts. 

Then it's "See You Next Summer!"

And "thanks for everything!"

And "hey, take a picture!"

So when we go home we can look at those pictures...

At the end of September.