Friday, September 23, 2016

Summer Camp In Review: Miranda Takes Over

Our long-time camper Miranda not only sent along some photos, but captions as well, essentially doing my job for me. So I'm going to take the morning off and pass the blog over to her.
(And if you've got some great summer pictures, send them my way! You don't have to do as much work as Miranda did.)


the last night on lake shawanni for the summer

3 CITs on their last night as campers

friends for 4 years all thanks to camp

that face when you realize you have to leave camp in the morning

who doesn't love impromptu selfies w crazy counselors?

wish boat wednesday

the last goodbye for the summer

Thank you so much to all the counselors and especially you Ben for 7 summers that I will never forget. I can't wait for my camp journey to continue on for years to come. I'll always remember my years here at Lindley G Cook 4h camp❤️

Always, Miranda

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