Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Camp In Review: Ranger's Hike

Labor Day has come and gone, school has begun again, so today's taste of Summer Camp comes via a nice warm walk in the woods on our renowned Ranger's Hike.

(*It also seemed appropriate considering our upcoming Fall Family Hike Day, on September 17th-18th! [Yeah, you had to know I was going to work that in one way or another.] Sign up here and now! Call the Camp Office for more details, at 973-948-3550. *End of promotional plug.)

Yes, our Ranger's Hike! Where a team of intrepid campers...

Depart Camp central and head to parts unknown!

Well, kind of unknown. We do walk the same trail every week.

But parts like: The Beaver's Dam!

Which requires a feat of cleverness and strength to cross dryly...

But rewards with an interesting (and photogenic) site dubbed (by us of course) "Ranger's Mirror."

Every piece of ground covered on the Ranger's Hike is fascinating! (To some of us, anyway.)

But we can't just stay here! Get a move on!

We've got more parts unknown to know.

Parts like this hiker's shelter!

Where we leave some "trail magic" of delicious trail mix for some future hungry hikers to enjoy...

After we enjoy some ourselves, of course.

And then we get a move on again!

Cause these white blazes mean we've reached our main event, and we're on the Appalachian Trail.

Our campers enjoy a (small) rocky section of that famous path the stretches from Georgia to Maine...

They add their names...

To a trail record book...

And each join the unique American wilderness tradition that is spending some time on the Appalachian Trail.

After all this, our brave hikers...

Have certainly earned a rest...

Earned some sips of water...

Earned some lunch...

And earned a few smiles, before they turn around for the homeward bound part of the journey.

The Ranger's Hike is undoubtedly this guy's favorite class. 

(2nd place is Fishing. But only because he always tries to eat the bait.)

And of course, a wonderful part of any hike is returning home, to Camp Sweet Camp.

Did you enjoy watching the journey of our hiking Rangers?

Did you feel the slightest pang of envy, and wish you right now could be on such a walk yourself?

If so, then (you guessed it, here it is again...) join us for our Fall Family Hike Day! 

That was predictable. 

But seriously. Come to Fall Family Hike Day .

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