Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Camp Past/Camp Alumni/Camp Family

As you probably know very well if you've attended one of our tours, enjoyed one of our campfires, or noticed the numbers we prominently display on our apparel:

We've been running summer camp ever since 1951.

Yes, every single summer we've been welcoming new campers into the 4-H Camp family to enjoy our classic American sleep-away Camp experience, all the way back to 1951!


Nineteen. Fifty. One. Well honored, well remembered digits around these parts.

A lot has changed in that time. 

But a lot more hasn't

Summer #1

Summer #67

Our campers who came here in 2017 have things in common with our campers who came here in 1988, who have things in common with our campers who came here in 1965, and so on and so forth tracing all the way back to the start and Summer #1 in 1951.

What is it they have in common?

Why, in a word, they've got 4-H Camp in common, of course.

However, throughout the years and various changes in Camp structure, we haven't always done the best job at keeping in touch with the many generations of campers to pass through our cabin doors. Our Campfire Council (an intrepid group of recent Camp Staff and volunteers) is looking to change that.

2021 is our 70th Anniversary, and we want to be able get the whole family together.

The first step is to find all the spread out, far flung, all-over-the-place Camp Family members so we can reach out, and keep in contact. 

So, we're looking for ALL former campers, counselors, staff, volunteers, the-works-whoever-spent-time-at-4-H-Camp to join our Campfire Council Alumni Network.

Joining the Alumni Network is simple! Just fill out this online form. Or visit the Alumni section of our website to learn more.

If you're reading this blog right now, you're most likely already still connected with the current happenings at 4-H Camp. We want to be sure we're reaching all the folks who haven't been in touch with Camp in a while, so please pass this on to anyone you might have been at Camp with who would be interested in still being involved!

(Current campers and families need not join now! You can wait until you become former campers and families, aka - Camp Alumni.)

We'll then be reaching out to the Alumni Network with invites to our Annual Summer-Kick-Off Lantern BBQ, news about other Camp events, and updates on the goings-on here at the 108 acre woods.

We've also got some pretty exciting plans for Camp-future that we're looking forward to bringing the whole community together to help with.

It's an exciting time here at 4-H Camp, and once in the Camp Family, always in the Camp Family, so we're looking forward to having everyone join in on that excitement. 

And that excitement starts the exact same way anything exciting starts: with a form