Wednesday, June 28, 2017

You can FINALLY finish meeting the Staff of 2017! (Right after you meet all these staff.)

VOLUMES XXVIII-CLVIII( feels like it anyway..)




This is our staff!

All of them!

They're all great!

We love them!

You'll love them too!

And THAT is THE END of the Photo Relay. We started this nonsense in March! (Oh, if you're wondering, every staff member passed a strange item to the next. There were also a random number of intimate objects in the pictures matching which number of the relay it was. Go back and check them all out to prove it!)

And if you're thinking we had to wait until everyone got to Camp to finish up the relay with this Lightning Round, you couldn't be more wrong! The above counselors sent in their pictures from all over the state, all over the country, and all over the globe!

That's our story!

And we're sticking too it.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Welcome to Camp, Counselor Staff of '17!

Yes, it's that wondrous time of year, Staff Training is beginning and our counselors are finally arriving in the 108 Acre Woods!

And who better to welcome them to Camp than our Senior Staff? Cause our Senior Staff have all been coming to Camp for a while.

They loved being campers here!

And they still love being here!

Or they loved being counselors here!

And they also still love still being here!

Back then they were adventurous!

And now they've mellowed.

Back then they were outrageous!

And they haven't mellowed at all.

Back then they encapsulated all the fun, goofy weirdness we want Summer Camp to be!

And almost nothing has changed.

Why, some of us have even been here...

A long...


Long time.

Isn't that right...



NEXT TIME, ON THE CAMP BLOG: No more old pictures! Only NEW pictures! Cause the Counselor Staff has arrived!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet the Staff of '17! Lighting Round!


Yes! You heard right! It's time for the Lighting Round.

(Those familiar to Camp know the Lighting Round well! Whenever we're doing something that takes WAY MORE TIME THAN WE INITIALLY ANTICIPATED we throw in a Lighting Round to speed things up a bit. Not that that's what's happening now. This Lighting Round was always planned. It's not that we're getting way too close to the beginning of summer with way too many staff to still meet. That's not it.)

Any way! The Lighting Round! 


As promised!

And now Lightning Introductions to go with the Lighting Round!

Molly is from England! She came to Camp five years ago and refused to leave! She now runs our Environmental Education Department! Like she did last year! And the year before that!

Erika was a camper! Erika was a counselor! Erika was a lifeguard! Now Erika is in charge of the waterfront!

Rachel was a camper! Rachel was a counselor! Rachel was an archery instructor! Now she oversees the Recreation Department!

Carl is the head chef! Carl is the longest tenured member of the Camp team! He's been working here a long time! Like, a long time! Carl worked here when I was a camper! Which was not recently!

Julia Langone has also been here a long time! No where close to a "Carl" long time, but a long time! For a while she helped run our all-Camp programs! Now she helps run nearly everything there is! 

And those are your Lightning Round Introductions!

Sure, you might wonder if the fact that all of these new "introductees" are members of our Senior Staff, therefore already here at Camp, therefore easy to clump together in this photo relay, had anything to do with this Lighting Round.

Nonsense, we'd say. Purely coincidental. Has nothing to do with it.

Next Time: All of the rest of the volumes all at once.