Thursday, June 1, 2017

HAPPY JUNE - Summer Camp starts in exactly one month!

Yes, for frequent readers of this year-round-Summer-Camp-Journal-Bloggy-Type-Thing, you know we are in a perpetual countdown to Summer Camp! Passing milestones, marking deadlines, counting days, we are always letting you know that Summer 2017 is heading your way...but things just got serious.

Talking real serious. 

Because the calendar just turned June, and we are precisely one month away (saying 31 short days) from July 2nd, which is our Lantern BBQ/Camp Eve Celebration and Kick-Off of the 2017 Summer Season.


If you know ANYONE ANYWHERE who has yet to get their bunks for Summer '17 here's the pertinent facts: 

We are ENTIRELY SOLD OUT for Sessions 3, 5, and 7.

We have a handful of bunks still available for Sessions 2, 4, and 6. (Like a tiny handful though. Like our hands will soon be empty.)

HOWEVER, we still have a good deal of spots open for Session #1: July 3rd-8th - Classic Camp 4th of July - the session that starts in just ONE MONTH. So, if you'd like to join us for the official start of the summer season, celebrate the 4th at Camp, and be here on the ground floor, at the very beginning of Summer 2017, grab one of those spots now!

To celebrate the ONE MONTH MARK, we're unveiling our brand-new postcard design:

Yes, sending postcards home is as good ol' of a Summer Camp tradition as good ol' Summer Camp traditions get. And we've got a ton of classic postcards in the store (to be featured on the blog soon) but we realized we hadn't added one for the modern era in a long time.  So here it is!

(Special thanks to my good friend Chris for designing this for us as a favor, even though he owed me NO FAVORS at all. Although I guess now that means I owe him a favor. Dang it. That is how favors work.)

So to reiterate, as if it needed reiteration, in just one month campers will be sending this brand-new post card home, filled with the joys and tall tales of a summer season, cause Camp is only ONE MONTH AWAY!

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