Monday, June 26, 2017

Welcome to Camp, Counselor Staff of '17!

Yes, it's that wondrous time of year, Staff Training is beginning and our counselors are finally arriving in the 108 Acre Woods!

And who better to welcome them to Camp than our Senior Staff? Cause our Senior Staff have all been coming to Camp for a while.

They loved being campers here!

And they still love being here!

Or they loved being counselors here!

And they also still love still being here!

Back then they were adventurous!

And now they've mellowed.

Back then they were outrageous!

And they haven't mellowed at all.

Back then they encapsulated all the fun, goofy weirdness we want Summer Camp to be!

And almost nothing has changed.

Why, some of us have even been here...

A long...


Long time.

Isn't that right...



NEXT TIME, ON THE CAMP BLOG: No more old pictures! Only NEW pictures! Cause the Counselor Staff has arrived!

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