Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More Staff, More Meeting!


Those confusing letters (XXI) aren't even letters, they're numerals! And numerals are numbers! And those numbers are 21! Cause we're on Volume 21 and we've still got more staff to meet!

Cassidy is another of those proud individuals who has moved up through the ranks at Camp and is ready to join her sister (and many other people, as you can tell from this never-ending-blog-post-series) as a full member of our summer staff!

For all of our campers who are used to getting their does of Summer Camp a week at a time, one of the best parts of their first year on counselor staff is to discover what TWO WHOLE MONTHS of Camp is like. That's what we're excited about - what's Cassidy excited about?

"This summer I am looking forward to spending endless hours in the craft shop making cool, crazy, and awesome crafts!"

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