Friday, August 28, 2015

A Summer in Pictures: Volume II

Let's see.

Volume II.

Where were we?

Where did we leave off last?

Oh. Yes.

Summer Camp. 

Oh. Yes.

The blur.

The blur of...

Lines into the dining hall.

Lines out of the dining hall.

Circles around the flag stones.

Flags lowered...
Lines to Vespers...


Vespers vespered.

And lines back into the dining hall.

The blur of Viking Helms...

Dino arms...

Chaotic Doctors...

Questionable Sherrifs...

Hard to find spies...

And end-of-season Smorgasbording.

A blur of lasagna!

And sandwiches!

And whatever you're eating!
And whatever you ate!

And trashed trashed.

And recycling recycled.

And dishes washed.

A blur of smiles smiled...

Of group time planning.
And more group time planning.

And more group time planning.
And then a blur of campfires.
Always a campfire.

Plenty of campfires.

And then a campfire.

And after that a Campfire.

But before that we started with a Campfire.

A blur of arts...
And crafts.

And re-purposed arts.
And all-natural crafts.

And tie-dye.
And never too much tie-dye.

And a blur of outdoor cooking!

And how about this?
And "hey, Tyler is it ready yet?"
And "Nope, it's sure not."

And the ranges!

And friends at the ranges.

And friends in a a picture.

And "what-up Nurse Tosti?"

And what's Camp without archery?

A blur of high stakes giant jenga.

Of "CIT is the best."

Of "No, CAMP is the best."

Of "No, our lawn games team is the best."

Of "No, OUR lawn games team is the best!!!"

Of "oh, look, a turtle! What was it we were arguing about?"

Of "how about I just live here?"

A blur of Woodrow.

Being pet!

Being mobbed.

Occasionally being forced to wear a hat.

A blur of "ta-da"...

And "thumbs up"...

And "hey!"

And "look at us!"

And "SenKOWsky!"

And "Peace."

And "Cheese."

And "Camp Photo!"

And "Camp Photo Bomb!"

And happy.

And different levels of hydration enthusiasm.

And this face.

And Junkyard Band's gonna give it to ya.
They always did.

And Friday evening laughs...

Giving way to Saturday morning Thank You Circles.
A blur of bracelets cut.
And bracelets tied.

By counselors!

By friends.

By teeth.

Of "hmm, who do I thank?"

"Thank me! Of course."

"Thank all of us, cause if we weren't here, WE wouldn't be here!"

A blur of "off we go..."

Making some noise.

With friends we made.

With even MORE friends we made.

And a ceremony full of nothing.

And full of CITs.

And then full of some more nothing.

And then a final song.

And a hug that says "thanks for a great week!"

A hug that says "catch ya later."

A hug that says "all right, enough, that's too many hugs."

And says "we've been co-counselors for WAY TOO LONG."

A blur of all the various "good nights and not goodbyes."

Some say "maybe next year we'll all be in Cabin 8!"

Some just help with luggage.

Some hope a smile says it all.

Some even do this!

Yes, this!

But most?
Well, y'see...


Just say...





And then we're left with a quiet...

Empty camp.

Empty woods.

Empty cabins.

And empty paths.

Empty lakes.

And empty skies, patiently waiting for the next Summer Season when it can start all over again.

Next: Yes, there's still more pictures! Yes, there's still more volumes! Next we see some of our camper's photos! Got one to send? I thought you did it. Make it happen.