Monday, November 30, 2015

Gathering Schedule!

Yes, THIS Saturday, it's finally here, our Second Annual Winter Gathering!

You should attend! Here's how your day would go.

2:00 - Show up! Enjoy the drive down Struble rd, view our leaf-less Stokes Forest, and get excited to be on Camp again.

2:15 - Say hello! Look, your Camp friends are here. Say "hi" to some counselors, some senior staff, and campers you know. You could even say some stuff like "Good to see you!" or  "How was your fall?" or something else entirely of your own choosing!

2:30- Winter Choice Rec!  Join us for a Winter Hike! Play Hole #1 of our New Disc Golf Course! Get a head-start on decorating some cookies! Or, did you bring someone new to camp? Take our Summer Camp Program Tour! Or just hang out around our Lakeside Campfire. 

3:30 - Camp Ornaments, Arts and Crafts and Tree Decoration. We've got a bunch of great craft stations lined up, feature fun seasonal takes on some classic camp crafts. Make some ornaments to decorate Camp, some ornaments for to take home, and some ornaments to give away! Bring some Summer Camp charm to your holiday decorations.

4:30ish - Tree lighting! Cause it gets dark super early now. We'll light the tree, sing some Camp songs around it, and it will mark the official beginning of registration for Summer 2016!

Then we can hang out a bit more, enjoy the well decorated Dining Hall, and slowly depart. Saying things like "Nice to see you!", "Enjoy the rest of your December", and "See you next summer! Not long now!"

So that's how the day would go.

All that's left is to actually experience it by joining us at the Winter Gathering.

Drop me an email to let me know you and your family will be attending, or check it out on our facebook page.

See you this weekend!


So, a couple days ago I was trying to take a picture of our new head-bandy-ear-warmy-hatty-things  via the camera on my computer. 

Then, yesterday, the computer sent me a message and said, "hey, without asking you, we made an animation of several of those pictures incongruously put together and here it is! Do you want it?"

No, computer. Why would I possibly want that?

Computer, I hope your listening (I'm typing on you, so you sure should be.) 
Never make me anything like this again.This is a resounding argument for our tech free Camp policy, right here.

See you at the Winter Gathering! (You, as in all you Camp humans reading the blog. Not you, computer. We're fighting.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Lot to be Thankful For at Camp

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

I hope everyone is looking forward to a couple days off from school/work/whatever-it-is-you-do and all prepared for a nice long weekend with family and friends.

Up here at 4-H Camp, we've got a lot to be thankful for. We have a great Summer 2015 season behind us, and we're now looking for to an even better Summer 2016. We're also thankful we'll have the chance to see a bunch of the Camp Family at our Second Annual Winter Gathering, next Saturday December 5th. (And we hope you can make it!)

But today, mostly, I'm thankful that of all the campers out there, at all the camps anywhere and everywhere, our campers are the best campers there are. Period.

Need proof? Here's a random email our camper Tehya dropped in my inbox this week:

So, as you begin your holiday weekend, I'll leave you with Tehya's wonderful description of our opening campfire. As you enjoy your meal with your family, you can remember your Camp Family as well, which is never any more than a single campfire away.

Opening Campfire
The fire crackled, momentarily interrupting the camp director's words. It was July thirteenth, 2015 on a warm, cloudless afternoon. Campers sat facing the camp director on the forty smooth long wooden benches which slightly smelled of new wood. If anyone moved their feet, small gravel rocks would create a faint grinding sound in the air. Additionally, a lingering smoky taste was left in many of the mouths sitting near the fire. Behind the camp director and cozy fire, Lake Shawanni glistened like a mirror with the reflection of countless trees on the water. In the branches above and around, birds attempted to sing sweet melodies over the exploding laughter. It was the opening campfire, the eager start to a new week at L.G Cook 4H Camp. Friendships were being formed along with the unfinished friendship bracelets that hung with duct tape attached to knees. Smiles were glued to all faces and eyes sparkled with glee. Eventually the sun's light was gone from the lakes, the hills and the sky. As the once raging fire died down, all was well in camp as campers safely rested after enjoying a perfect night.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Seriously, Come to our Winter Gathering! (Cause we've got more things that are almost hats.)

Our Winter Gathering is now less than two weeks away, on Saturday December 5th! 

We hope you'll join us for this free event that is open to all Camp Families (and anyone they'd like to bring along).

As if you needed any MORE reasons to attend than the fact that it's Camp reunion filled with a winter-time dose of summer-time fun (You didn't! That's reason enough.), we've got even more to offer!

And that more is more...hats!

Well...kind of hats.



Hats without those pesky hat tops?

Whatever they are, we've got them. 

And they're pretty sweet.

See! These things!

They're nice! All right. Again. We all agree. We need someone else to model these not-quite-hats.

Someone who isn't the Camp Director.



We'll see you at the Winter Gathering!
Unless these nice new knit head-band things are covering our eyes.




Step One: Woodrow, sit. Stay. If you do, you'll get this treat.

Step 2: Quick! Put that thing that's not quite a hat on the dog!

STEP 3: All right. Give him the treat. Let's take that sweet head-band off him. He does not seem wild about this whole situation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Camp Lantern Interview with our camper Nicole!

So, we're gearing up for registration to open and sign-up to start for Summer 2016! To mark the occasion, let's talk a little bit about our Lantern Program.

One of the best ways to support Camp and save money on Camp is to join our Lantern Family Program. All you need to do to join the Lantern Family is refer one brand-new camper for the 2016 season.

The perks for our Lantern Program include an invite to our Lantern BBQ, a yearly Camp Lantern T-Shirt, and $50 off Camp for every camper referred.

But that's not all!

We've also offered that if your refer FIVE BRAND NEW CAMPERS, you would get a free week of Summer Camp.

Except no one has ever done. No one has ever, ever done it.

Until now!

Our camper Nicole and her family referred FIVE campers for the 2015 season, meaning she gets a free week of Camp in 2016.

Think that's pretty awesome?

We also think that's pretty awesome.

Do you know who else thinks it's pretty awesome?

Nicole. Nicole thinks it's pretty awesome.

Let's talk to her now to prove it.

ME: What was one of your favorite memories from this past summer?

NICOLE: During this past summer, camp had “enchanted” my sneezes to make them sound like strangled screams. After a few of my sneezes, the whole camp knew what and where that peculiar sound was coming from.

ME:  What do you think the best thing about a week of Camp is?

NICOLE: The best thing about a week of camp is that every week is never analogous to the ones before and after it. Each week you come to have fun and make friends.

ME: Are there any counselors you'd like to say hello to right now?

NICOLE: I’d like to say hello to every counselor that there ever was or ever will be. This is because I know that every counselor was and will be as great as the present-day ones.

ME: So you're our first camper ever to refer so many new campers that you've earned a free week of Camp through our Lantern Program. How does that make you feel?

NICOLE: I feel … HAPPY! I feel this way because all the kids my family referred will be able to have a week or more at the most splendid summer camp I know.

ME: Why do you think our current campers should refer a new camper to L.G. Cook and join our Lantern Family Program?

NICOLE: When campers refer new campers to L.G. Cook camp, they’re inviting new people to make friends with. Also, the experience of summer camp is an everlasting one that everyone will want to enjoy.

ME: If someone had never been to Camp before, what reasons would you give to convince them they should come spend a week with us?

NICOLE: First of all, there are a variety of activities you may do. Secondly, you’ll make some strong friendships you’ll never forget. Finally, I’ve got 6 words for you: this camp is too amazing to miss!

ME: What are you looking forward to the most about Summer 2016?

NICOLE: I’m looking forward to meeting new and old friends.

ME: Anything else you'd like to tell our faithful blog readers?

NICOLE: Anything and everything is possible at this camp!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Join us for our Winter Gathering! (Cause we've got new hats.)

Saturday, December 5th.  2pm-6pm.

Our Winter Gathering and Summer Camp Reunion.

Free and Open to ALL Camp Families.

Why should you attend?


- It's a Summer Camp Reunion! It's open to all Camp Families! And it's free! Why not come catch up with some of your favorite counselors and long lost camp mates?

- It's summer fun in the Winter time! Talking seasonal crafts, evergreen decoration and lighting, Winter Choice Rec, warm cocoa and warmer fires, what's not to love?

- We'll be celebrating the beginning of our POLAR BEAR REGISTRATION, where returning campers can be the first to sign up for Summer 2016.

- Oh yeah, and...WE'VE GOT NEW HATS!

Yes, we've got new Winter Hats! We here at Camp love hats. Of all kinds. Goofy hats, serious hats, from bucket hats to baseball caps, we love em all, but our favorite hats are...Camp Hats.

And this is a Camp Hat! They've got our Lantern logo!

We've got orange!

We've got blue!
All right. Yeah. We're all thinking it.
We need someone new to model these hats.
Better! But not quite right. You're a Camp Director! Not a hat model!

No! Not you! You're too serious! You're too scary!

What we really need is a camper to show off one our brand new hats. 

But where are we going to find a Summer Camp camper in the middle of November to try on a winter hat? 


Oh, good.

Look who was randomly wandering through the woods of Stokes State Forest.

It's out camper Erika! Right on cue.

Perfect. Come on out to our Winter Gathering...for many reasons! (But one of those reasons is hats.) Let us know if you're planning on attending  on our facebook eventy-thing-page, or by sending me an email.

No, Tyler. Out of the picture. You're not helping.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

And finally...Session #7, 2016.

And at last, finally, the fairly predictable moment you've all been waiting for...

Session 7: S’moregasbord (August 15th-20th)

The traditional end of summer festival! 

For our final week of the summer we celebrate the fun we’ve had all season long by bringing back some of our favorite themes and activities from earlier in the year, as well as enjoying all the classic summer camp elements that make L.G. Cook great.

S’moregasboad week also features a handful of end-of-summer-only events like our End-of-Season BBQ and the ceremonial launching of the Wish Boats. 

The last week of Camp for the summer is always a special one, so come join all the counselors and staff in wishing the 2016 season a fond farewell.

Friday, November 13, 2015

And how about also...Session #6, 2016.

Session 6: Chaos (August 8th-13th)

Chaos week has become a mainstay of our season here at Camp. 

It’s near the end of the summer and it’s at this point the staff seems to go just a little…off the deep end. 

A little crazy. 

A little nutty. 

A little wacky.

A little…chaotic, if you will. 

As much as we try to keep things calm and orderly with our Wednesday Night “PrankBusters” activity, nothing can seem to curtail the unpredictable zaniness…until near the end of the week when we call in our resident Chaos Expert (a certain Evil Doctor) to preside over a Kangaroo Court and send the guiltiest counselors through his patented Chaos Machine. 

No one can ever tell exactly what Chaos Week will bring, but it’s a safe bet that some of the staff will end up covered in ice cream.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

And now for...Session #5, 2016.

Session 5: Heroes and Villains (August 1st-6th)

Everyone loves a good superhero story, and our fifth session of Summer 2016 will have the makings for plenty of them. 

Heroes with all sorts of super powers and villains with various plots will do battle (friendly battle) here at Camp!  

Cabins will become secret bases and hidden lairs, our forest and lake will be a universe to conquer, all while the Dining Hall turns into a metropolis in desperate need of saving. 

Our campers will reveal their secret identities, discover their own unique powers and each become their own best version of a summer camp superhero.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Revealing...Session #4, 2016.

Session 4: Spy (July 25th-30th)

Spy Week returns for a third summer!

The third installment of the Camp Spy Week Trilogy will surely feature more exciting intrigue, top-secret code names, clues in need of decoding, mysteries to be solved and crises to be resolved. 

Chances are, The Dark Agent will once again try to seize our beloved summer camp, and there will be all new missions to be both foiled and accomplished. 

Like prior Spy Weeks, a game of Camp Clue could be required to round up some suspects, and the 1951  Spirit test just might need to be hauled out again to determine who at camp is friend and who is foe. (Disclaimer: we all wind up being friends.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Unveiling...Session #3, 2016.

Session 3: Out of this World Week! (July 18th-23rd)

Evenings at Camp are known for the clear night sky, full of countless bright stars. Out of this World Week will have us wondering "what’s really going on up there?" 

This session will be a mixture of aliens, astronomy, and all sorts of other intergalactic hijinks, interstellar happenings, and pure Sci-Fi fun.

Out of this World Week will be a time for big ideas, big discoveries, and big creativity at Camp. (Plus, a full moon is due during this session, so we’ll have even more good stuff to stare up at.)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Introducing....Session #2, 2016.

Session 2: Color Wars (July 11th-16th)

Color Wars. 

An American summer camp legend. 

Part Olympics, part group spirit rivalry, part all-in down-and-out full-day Camp competition,

Color Wars is the ultimate in all-camp-games. Lindley G. Cook 4-H Camp is taking on this tradition like we never have before…we can’t reveal too much about what Color Wars will entail, but we can promise we’ve got something in store that our campers won’t want to miss. 

(Seriously. We've got something pretty good up our sleeves for this one. You'll want to be here for it.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The BIG NEWS- Announcing...the Seventh Session: The First Session.

That's right! This post no longer just promises the BIG NEWS, this post reveals the BIG NEWS.

Cause I think any more posts that make you just wait around for BIG NEWS would result in everyone no longer reading this blog.

But instead everyone can continue reading this blog, as the BIG NEWS is delayed no longer, but rather announced right now!

Even if it seems like I'm delaying it by continuing to type right now, I'm not. As it was already revealed. In the title. Hope you didn't miss it.


For the first time in FOREVER (well, probably not actually in "forever", but for the first time in the Modern Era of Camp, which we will from this point on refer to as "forever"), for the first time in FOREVER we are adding a whole new week of Summer Camp!

Yes, instead of the same ol' six sessions of Camp we will now have a new and glorious SEVEN sessions.

That's elongating the Summer Camp season (and summer in general) by a whole week!

Talking about another opening campfire, another battle for the island, another theme, and another six days and five nights of summer camp-y goodness in the one hundred and eight acre woods, another everything.

That's roughly 15% MORE Summer Camp in 2016!

And just to confuse everyone (cause what would Camp be without the joy of confusing everyone?), we are adding that brand-new session at the beginning of the season. The seventh session is the first session. (Don't worry, we're still going to call it Session 1. We're not that crazy. Or no. We are that crazy. But in this instance we're choosing not to indulge in it.)

So mark your calender's and make your plans to join us for the brand-new Session 1: Classic Camp 4th of July, July 4th-9th 2016.

I know. You saw this picture already. But I went to the trouble of making it, so I'm putting it on here twice.

We’re starting a new tradition of kicking off the summer with a week of pure, classic, essential Summer Camp. The week will include a 4th of July celebration as only Camp can offer, a great array of tried-and-true All-Camp activities, as well as the excitement of being around for the very beginning of the 2016 Camp season. It’s  a great choice for campers who enjoy a smaller Camp community or for anyone who is brand-new to L.G. Cook.

Our new Session 1 will be replacing our old MICRO/SET Camp. (But worry not, our SET classes will still be available. More on that in the future.) 

Not only that, but the night before, Sunday July 3rd, Early-Drop Off campers will get to enjoy our first ever...Camp Eve Celebration.

Camp Eve Celebration?! What's that!?

For that, you'll have to stay tuned. In fact, also stay tuned for the rest of the dates and themes for Summer 2016. Stay tuned in general. 

(Hmm. That all sounds like more big news. I guess I am still making you wait for more big news. Sorry.)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy November!

Why hello there, campers and counselors and camp friends and people in general.

Happy November.

And, yes, I do hear all of you summer-folks replying, "Happy November? Happy November. What's happy about it? November is when it starts to get cold. Not just chilly-little-brisk-autumnal-fall-wear-a-light-jacket cold, but cold cold.  November is when it starts to get dark! Dark in the morning,dark in the evening, dark in the later afternoon, dark all the time. November is when winter starts, so what exactly is so happy about it! Huh!?" 

And I understand. I hear you. I hear you because you're me.

But then I'd reply back to you (or me. or us), "Hey! Look on the sunny side!" (Even though you won't have much very daylight this month to look on that sunny side. November Zing.)

Look on the sunny side!

November means there's all sorts of exciting Camp stuff just a month away!

What kind of stuff?


Held SATURDAY DECEMBER 5th, this is an afternoon reunion for all Summer Camp campers. We'll have wintry activities, seasonal crafts, a tree lighting ceremony, and best of all a chance to catch up around the fire with all your ol' Camp friends. 

So save the date! Come on up to Camp. It'll be fun.

This is a picture of last year's Winter Gathering. Not this year's Winter Gathering. Because I don't have a camera that takes pictures of the future. 

And Winter Gathering leads us to more exciting stuff! Cause Winter Gathering marks the beginning of registration for Summer 2016!



Didn't we just get done with Summer 2015 like 2 1/2 months ago? 

Yes, we sure did. But now it's time to build toward Summer 2016. Cause that's how the passage of time works.

And in just one month our POLAR BEAR REGISTRATION will be open! This is a time just for our returning campers to sign up early and first so they get first picks on classes, first picks on sessions, and the lowest rate we offer. 

And the final exciting stuff, is that if the Winter Gathering in a month, and then that means that Polar Bear Registration is in a month, then THAT means that it's time to start announcing news for 2016...right now!

Right now? Right now!

What kind of news? News like dates! News like THEMES! New like NEW CLASSES! the BIG NEWS. 

There's big news?

That's right, there's BIG NEWS.

And the time to announce it, cause it's November is...right now.

And by right now, I mean...soon. We'll announce the big news soon. I know I said "right now." Several times. Misdirection. Cause instead it's gonna be soon.

That's called "building suspense." (Or being "kind of annoying." It's a fine line.)

So SOON look for a post on this here blog titled something like "Big News", cause it's gonna contain (you guessed it)...BIG NEWS.

See! November ain't all bad.

Except the part when I just made everyone wait for the big news. That's still pretty bad.