Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Meet the Staff of 2018!

We are less than 100 DAYS AWAY from the first day of 4-H Camp, Summer 2018!

As you all know so well, the only thing that makes a great summer camp is a great summer camp STAFF, and we're happy to say that we've got a GREAT summer camp staff coming in to create 4-H Camp this season. 

And what better way to while away the days till summer than to MEET that great summer staff!?

And how do we meet each other at Camp?

Why, with name games, of course.

So you will not just be learning WHO our staff is, but also WHAT they are bringing along with them to Camp to ensure an amazing summer for all of us here in Stokes Forest:

For instance, our returning Environmental Education Counselor...

And our new Kitchen Counselor...

While another returning Environmental Education Counselor...

And of course, our returning Kitchen Counselor...

And that's it! That's the Staff of 2018! We're gonna give it a go with just four counselors this season, see how it works out.



We have so many more wonderful summer staff for you to meet (talking like, ten more installments of this name game), so stay tuned!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Making the Best Better: Cabin Renovations

We think 4-H Camp is the best.

(If you're reading this here blog, chances are that you do too.)

One of the things that makes 4-H Camp the best is that we're always busy trying to follow the 4-H motto - "To Make the Best Better."

Yup, we're always trying to make the best even just a little-tiny-bit-better here at 4-H Camp, and throughout the spring we'll be keeping you up to date on this very blog with some of the projects we've got in the works to do exactly that. Projects like:

Yes, we split our attention at Camp between keeping things just like they've always been since 1951 and finding ways to improve the Camp experience little by little by updating our beloved old facility as well.

This off-season, it's Cabins #7 and #9 that will be joining the ranks of our 21st century cabins.

The costs of renovations for Cabin #7 have been aided by a generous donation by our friend Kevin McCormick...

...but to assist with Cabin #9 we'll be looking for a little help from the Camp Community. 

We're looking for 19 donors to sponsor the 19 bunks in Cabin #9 to help us have it all bright, shiny and roomy for this summer. 

 Check out the document below for details!

(Also, in that document, you'll notice that these renovations are just the first phase in something called the 2021 Project. [Ohh, mysterious, I know.] 2021 is L.G. Cook 4-H Camp's 70th anniversary, and we've got some BIG new plans for our facility, and some BIG opportunities for all of you to help make those BIG new plans happen.)

We've already heard from several individuals, groups, and organizations who are interested in becoming one of the 19 donors to help with Cabin #9's renovation. This document is available on our website here, so please pass it along to anyone who you think might be interested in helping out. 

Get in touch with the Camp Office at 973-948-3550 or via email if you'd like to talk about donating!

Stay tuned for more updates on both the 2021 Project, and some ways we're making the best at 4-H Camp better in time for the 2018 summer season.

Another Sold-Out Session!

Session 7: S'moregasbord, our end of season celebration, has joined Chaos Week in the ALL-THE-WAY-FILLED-UP category!

We've got a few more sessions on the verge of joining the SOLD-OUT ranks and several other weeks that are already full for either boys or girls. If you're hoping for a bunk for 2018 (or want to join our Lantern Program by referring a friend) don't put it off any longer! Sign up here now.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Our First Sold-Out Session: Chaos Week!

Yes, we've got our first all-the-way-filled-up-fully-sold-out-sixteen-campers-in-all-eleven-cabins-not-an-empty-bunk-in-the-place-week-of-Summer-2018! 

Predictably, it's that ever-popular-Camp-favorite-for-over-a-decade-mid-summer-hit, CHAOS Week!

If you were hoping to join us for Chaos Week, you can jump on the Wait-List free of charge, and if you haven't yet signed up for Summer 2018 we encourage you to do so before Early-Bird Registration ends this Thursday, March 15th! We've already got a few sessions nipping at Chaos Week's heels to be the next to sell-out.

Friday, March 9, 2018

One Week Left in Early-Bird Registration!

That's right!

You read the title of this blog post correctly!

There is only ONE WEEK remaining in our Early-Bird Registration period!

Which means it's March!

Which means that us here at 4-H Camp are tired of winter!

So we put on our summer clothes...

And started doing summer things!

Like enjoying our morning coffee on the Dining Hall porch!

Even if it's snowy coffee, on a snowy porch.
Summer things like...

Soaking up the sunshine...

On a stroll with the Camp Dog...

And taking in...

The warm and serene view...

Across Lake Shawanni. 

Even summer things...

Like a good ol'....

Round of Disc Golf.

And I'm not the only one!

Why, a little bit...

Of that dreaming-of-summer-madness...

Caught on with T-Nivi too!

He just had to get a head start...

On doing some planting...

In our brand-new...

Canoe-nity Garden.

And wouldn't you know, seeing how much a little March gardening relaxed T-Nivi,

Made me want to relax in one of the Camp-iest ways possible.

Yup, there's nothing our campers like better than taking it easy on the shore in the summer sun.

(This is ice fishing, correct? Am I doing it right?)

However, predictably, seeing how peaceful and calm I felt on the shore....

Inspired T-Nivi  to spend some quality time at the lake too...

Brushing up on his lifeguarding skills.

So, if you think...

That summer fun in March looks like a good time...

(Which it certainly does...)

Just imagine how much better summer fun in the summer must be...

When we haven't just been pummeled by two wintry nor'easters in a row.

So if you haven't already signed up for Summer 2018...

We encourage you to do so before the end of Early Bird Registration...

And join us for some summer fun, in the summer time.

Early Bird Registration ends on Thursday, March 15th! 

We already have 900(!) campers signed up for Summer 2018, so register before the end of Early-Bird not just to get your discount, but to get a bunk in one of our quickly-filling-up-sessions! 

As always, reach out to the the Camp Office with any and all questions, and we'll hope to see you at 4-H Camp, and we'll hope when we do the snow is off the ground, and we will hope that both of those things happen soon.