Friday, March 31, 2017

Selling Out at 4-H Camp!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is March 31st and we have our first Sold Out Section of Summer 2017!


SESSION #3: Chaos Week!

We only have just a few male bunks remaining for Chaos Week as well! 

Spots for Session #5: Broken Time Machine Week are also going very fast, and a few other sessions are nipping at its heels and filling up quite quickly.

So tell your family, tell your friends, tell yourself, if you don't yet have your bunk for Summer 2017, it's time to get it now!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Meet MORE of the Staff of 2017...

Volume II:

The Blog Photo Relay continues as our Health Director passes her photo down the line...

2017 will be Phoebe's first summer at L.G. Cook 4-H Camp, and she is one of our brave counselors we hire through the wonderful Camp America program, so she'll be journeying all the way from her home in England to the woods of Stokes State Forest to join our Camp community. 

And what is Phoebe most looking forward to about Summer 2017?

"I'm most looking forward to everything!! I can't wait to get over there and experience everything, but if I had to pick something, it's that I can't wait to meet, learn from and, hopefully, inspire lots of new people! "

We can't wait for that either, Phoebe! 


Keep coming back! You've still got several dozen staff members to meet!

And if YOU haven't signed up to join us for Summer 2017 yet, it's certainly time to do so! A few of our sessions are already on the verge of selling out...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Meet the Summer Staff of 2017! (Part 1 of a 35ish Part Series...)

We are now under 100 days from the start of Session #1 and the beginning of Summer Camp 2017!

To hold our hands through those last 97 days of waiting, of anticipation, of general-looking-forward-to, we are going to start meeting the Summer Staff of 2017.

We here at L.G. Cook 4-H Camp believe that the "only thing that makes a great summer camp is a great summer camp staff"(), (©), (notreally), so we can't wait to introduce you to the GREAT group of counselors and staff who are going to make Summer 2017 everything that Summer 2017 is going to be. 

This year we're doing a PHOTO RELAY, to bring the staff to you live and in person! (Well, photographed and via the internet.) We'll be passing some items from photo to photo, giving some hints about where we're all spending our spring waiting for Camp, as well as some other things hidden-in-these-pictures for the discerning-blog-viewer as well.

So, to kick it off... 

Lauren has been a camper here, a counselor here, and for the past four seasons we've been lucky enough to have her serving as our Health Director. Camp relies on "Nurse Tosti" to stay healthy, stay rested, stay safe, stay happy, and stay laughing all summer long.

And what's Lauren looking forward to for summer 2017? 

"I'm most looking forward to Thursday nights at summer camp! And what do we do Thursday nights at summer camp...TALENT SHOW!!!" 


So stay tuned! We've got enough staff to photo-relaying themselves to you take us right up to Staff Training and make the next 90-some-odd-days till Camp go by real easy.

Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring! So schedule some Spring activities at Camp!

Yes, it is official, no need to stretch for it any longer, Spring is here! 

Just ask the calendar.  

And just don't ask the snow on the ground.

Instead, put your mind to a few weeks from now (when hopefully the springtime is looking more springtime), and join us for our Spring events at 4-H Camp!

Spring Opening Day. If you love Camp, and you love community service, boy do we have an event for you! 

Join us on Saturday, April 8th to help take the Dining Hall out of winter-moth-balls and assist us in tackling some general spring-tidying projects to prepare for the 2017 season. After the work, we might just all spend some time  trying out the new additions to our Disc Golf course...

Let us know you're coming here!

And then...

Spring Family Weekend will be held May 19th-21st, and is a taste of Summer Camp for the whole family. 

Families stay together in our cabins, eat meals in our Dining Hall, and get to enjoy a weekend filled with our Summer Camp activities. Most importantly it's a great way to spend some quality time together outdoors, relaxing around the lake, playing in the woods, and soaking up all our 108-acre-65-year-old facility has to offer.

It's a Camp favorite, so join us and create a new May tradition for your family!

Registration is open NOW!


Make your plans! Put it on the calendar! Join us at Camp!

Cause it's finally spring, after all!

Even if... doesn't quite look like it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Snow and Early-Bird Deadline: TODAY

Yes, it's finally here! 

Register before the end of the day to squeak in before Early-Bird Registration ends.

But the Early-Bird deadline is supposed to mean it's basically spring.

There should not be THIS MUCH SNOW when it's basically spring!


You got me.

The framing of that last photo...

Slightly exaggerated the depth of the snow.

Slightly. This is still a lot of snow. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March Madness: One week left of EARLY-BIRD Registration!

It's that time of year again!

That time of year where there is only ONE WEEK LEFT in our Early-Bird Registration!

Yes, that time of year where the Early-Bird Deadline is next Wednesday, March 15th, and is very quickly approaching!

That time of year where we are close to filling up several sessions of Camp, so you should register NOW to ensure your camper a bunk for 2017!

That time of year, where we get SO EXCITED for Camp (as you can tell by our relatively free use of exclamation marks and capital letters), that we can't wait any longer, we need a taste of summer not later, but right now.

So, here at Camp we throw on our Summer Camp gear, and get out to find a summer activity to partake in immediately.

The waterfront seems like a good spot to find a Summer Camp activitiy, right T-Nivi?

Oh relax, Tyler! (T-Nivi.) I told you we weren't going swimming. 

Swimming would be TOO crazy.

A nice ride in a canoe though?

That seems just the right amount of crazy.

Wish us luck, Woodrow. We'll need it.

Cause it is like 40 degrees out.

Step One:

Get the canoe.

Congrats! Success on Step One.

Step Two:

Realize there is still a good amount of ice around the edge of the lake.

Which makes us briefly reconsider this plan and remember...

Safety first!

We need life jackets, after all.

And worry not...T-Nivi is a certified life guard. 

Now we're ready to set sail!

If you can "sail" on ice, that is.

I wouldn't step there, Tyler.

Tyler is distressed. I'm laughing. This is business as usual.

Away we go!

I said. Away. We. Go. 

In the Antarctic they have specially designed ice breaker boats.

This is not a specially designed Antarctic ice breaker boat. 

Cause we almost never run into this problem in the summer time. 

But, we break through the ice regardless!

And make it to open, warm water!

Water that is warm enough to at least be liquid, any way.

Here it is! The late-winter summer activity we looking for!

Yes, the perfect way to mark the occasion that...

(Hold on, what was the occasion? I know we came out here for some reason.)

Oh right, to mark the occasion that there is only one week before our EARLY-BIRD DEADLINE.

All right, Woodrow, calm down. The madness is over. 

The occasion has been marked. We're coming back in. 

But as we paddle back, we'll remind you:

If you're still waiting to sign up for Summer 2017, do so now!

(The Welcoming Party awaits our return to shore.)

And if you'd like to join our LANTERN FAMILY by sending us some of your friends, have them register for Early-Bird as well! It's open to returning and brand new campers. 

For any loyal blog readers who are still reading this post in hopes that'd we eventually wind up in the lake...

Sorry to disappoint!
No flipping or staged T-rescues this time. Cause while we are crazy...

We're not that crazy.

Not in March, anyway. 

But while we won't going swimming in the ice, we will make a nice metaphor out of it for you: 

Y'see, our canoe trip on this March morning has served to help break up the ice on the outskirts of Lake Shawanni...

...Leaving in its wake, a clear path toward summer.

Special thanks to our Camp Secretary, Heather, for serving as photographer! 

Get that Early-Bird discount while it's hot! 

Or cold. 

Whichever seems appropriate.

(See, T-Nivi! I told you it'd be fun.)