Monday, March 27, 2017

Meet the Summer Staff of 2017! (Part 1 of a 35ish Part Series...)

We are now under 100 days from the start of Session #1 and the beginning of Summer Camp 2017!

To hold our hands through those last 97 days of waiting, of anticipation, of general-looking-forward-to, we are going to start meeting the Summer Staff of 2017.

We here at L.G. Cook 4-H Camp believe that the "only thing that makes a great summer camp is a great summer camp staff"(), (©), (notreally), so we can't wait to introduce you to the GREAT group of counselors and staff who are going to make Summer 2017 everything that Summer 2017 is going to be. 

This year we're doing a PHOTO RELAY, to bring the staff to you live and in person! (Well, photographed and via the internet.) We'll be passing some items from photo to photo, giving some hints about where we're all spending our spring waiting for Camp, as well as some other things hidden-in-these-pictures for the discerning-blog-viewer as well.

So, to kick it off... 

Lauren has been a camper here, a counselor here, and for the past four seasons we've been lucky enough to have her serving as our Health Director. Camp relies on "Nurse Tosti" to stay healthy, stay rested, stay safe, stay happy, and stay laughing all summer long.

And what's Lauren looking forward to for summer 2017? 

"I'm most looking forward to Thursday nights at summer camp! And what do we do Thursday nights at summer camp...TALENT SHOW!!!" 


So stay tuned! We've got enough staff to photo-relaying themselves to you take us right up to Staff Training and make the next 90-some-odd-days till Camp go by real easy.

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