Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring! So schedule some Spring activities at Camp!

Yes, it is official, no need to stretch for it any longer, Spring is here! 

Just ask the calendar.  

And just don't ask the snow on the ground.

Instead, put your mind to a few weeks from now (when hopefully the springtime is looking more springtime), and join us for our Spring events at 4-H Camp!

Spring Opening Day. If you love Camp, and you love community service, boy do we have an event for you! 

Join us on Saturday, April 8th to help take the Dining Hall out of winter-moth-balls and assist us in tackling some general spring-tidying projects to prepare for the 2017 season. After the work, we might just all spend some time  trying out the new additions to our Disc Golf course...

Let us know you're coming here!

And then...

Spring Family Weekend will be held May 19th-21st, and is a taste of Summer Camp for the whole family. 

Families stay together in our cabins, eat meals in our Dining Hall, and get to enjoy a weekend filled with our Summer Camp activities. Most importantly it's a great way to spend some quality time together outdoors, relaxing around the lake, playing in the woods, and soaking up all our 108-acre-65-year-old facility has to offer.

It's a Camp favorite, so join us and create a new May tradition for your family!

Registration is open NOW!


Make your plans! Put it on the calendar! Join us at Camp!

Cause it's finally spring, after all!

Even if... doesn't quite look like it.

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