Tuesday, January 30, 2018

That Time of Year Again...

Oh boy.

I knew it was only a matter of time.

It is January, after all.

So here we go again.

'Cause this lovely landscape...

Is not 4-H Camp's lovely landscape!

This old building in need of some repair...

Is not one of Camp's old buildings in need of some repair!

This isn't our warm and inviting fireplace!

This isn't our rustic sleeping area!

This is not one of the knives from the kitchen!

And this isn't one of the flags we usually raise!

This most cerainly isn't our lake!

In fact, it's not a lake at all.

It's a "loch."

'Cause I'm in Scotland.

Yes, usually when this happens...

I'm mystically transported to London...

But not this time!

This time it's Scotland!

And it's filled with Scottish things!

Like castles!

(You might realize by now I only travel places with a portcullis.)

Scottish things like...


And crags!

And me way up on top...

Of cliffs and crags!

Scottish things like women in phone booths!

But wait! That's just not any random Scottish woman in a non-working phone booth for no reason!

It's former counselor-CIT Coordinator-Assistant Director-Camp-Friend-extraordinaire-Jaclyn Bealer!!!

Who is also in Scotland.
(Obviously, I suppose.)

But why!?

Why are...


In Scotland!?!

(If you read these blog posts every January, the suspense is certainly not killing you...)

Why, we're here for the Camp America Job Fair, of course!

Where we get the privilege of finding, in person...

The next amazing group of international counselors to join the L.G. Cook
 4-H Camp family. 

Counselors like Ruth!

Like Sam!

And like Nicol!

Who all accepted their positions for Summer 2018...

With equal parts...

Sincere dedication...

And goofy excitement.

(Also, I found out in Scotland that I am unable to cross my own eyes. Learn something new everyday.)

Our journey to Scotland was only the first step...

In their journey to Summer Camp.

And we can't wait for the next part, where they join us in Stokes Forest to help create the camp magic in Summer 2018.