Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Another Day Closer to Summer, Another Staff Member to Meet!


That's right, VOLUME XV - almost half way there!

Almost. But not quite. So let's keep this thing moving and get to the point as...

After being a camper, CIT, and volunteer (many, many times...), last summer was Kayli's first year on staff, and we're thrilled to have her joining us again for another go-around on the Camp roller coaster in Summer 2017. 

Whether she's hanging out with her campers in the cabin, mucking around the lake trail, or keeping a good conversation going in the Dining Hall, Kayli stokes the Camp Spirit wherever she goes. And what's she excited about for Summer 2017?! 

"I'm so excited to build survival shelters and find leaves in my hair all summer long! As you can see I spent my off season hiding on camp because I just can't stay away!!"

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