Friday, May 5, 2017

Meet More Staff You've Met Before!


Don't let the rain get you down! 

(Especially if it's not even raining where you are! Then there's no reason for the rain to get you down. But if you're at Camp, where it's been raining quite a bit...there's still no reason for the rain to get you down! Cause we've got staff to meet!) 

A third year counselor passes the relay to someone who's been at Camp since the first Bush administration (H.W.) as... 

(Yeah, we see the top of this picture says "Of 17" twice. Let's pretend it is NOT AN ACCIDENT, but rather is intentionally repeated for emphasis. We can pretend that together, right?)

Yes! Tyler "T-Nivi" Nivison was already introduced a few weeks ago as our newest year-round staff member, but here he is again as part of the Summer Staff of 2017. 

Y'see, no matter how many years someone has been at Camp, every summer starts brand-new all over again: a brand-new season, and brand-new batch of campers to enjoy the camp experience, and a brand-new Staff to create that experience for them.  

Even if members of the team have worked at Camp previously, the team itself has never before existed, and that's why 2017 will be something entirely new, original, and surely-one-of-a-kind! (And that's why we get re-introduced to our returning Staff fresh each summer, no matter how long we've known them.)

So with that, what is our very-old-whilst-simultaneously-being-brand-new Logistics Coordinator looking forward to this summer?

"I am most excited about getting into our new theme weeks and seeing the fun things we get to do with them!"

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