Friday, May 19, 2017

The Weather is Perfect! So Meet Some Staff!


First time around meets third time around as...

This is Mechu's THIRD Summer on Staff! 

She's an arts crafts enthusiast, a pottery master, a junkyard band virtuoso, and Cabin #6 counselor extraordinaire.

 (Yes, we don't assign counselors to their cabins until Staff Training is completed, so you never know which counselors will be assigned to which cabins for any given summer season. Except for Mechu, who will definitely be assigned to Cabin #6 watching over our youngest campers. When something fits in place as well as Mechu fits in place as the Cabin #6 counselor, you do not mess with it.)

And what is Mechu looking forward to? Something only a veteran counselor would have grown reliant upon...

"I’m looking forward to getting the friendship bracelet train back on track! My wrists are feeling very unprotected from the harsh weather outside! Can’t wait to learn something new!"

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