Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day! Celebrate by signing up for Spring Family Weekend!

Yes, the days of note just keep occurring here at Camp!

Last week we observed Quadruple Digit Day, we attended Rutgers Day, and now on May Day it's time to remind you to revel in our upcoming Spring weather and join us for our Spring Family Weekend, May 19th-21st. We've got a bunch of families already signed up - join the fun!

Why attend? See a list of reasons below, accompanied by some spring-time sun-shiney Camp photos. (Thanks to 4-H-er Michael for sending some of his Camp photos our way! They're from a few weeks ago - Camp is even greener now!)

Reason #1: (To Attend Spring Family Weekend. In case you forgot what this is about.)

It's a taste of Summer Camp - for the whole family!

That's the big reason. It's even our official tagline.


Reason # 2: Spring goes by so fast! Be sure you get outside during some of it!

Reason #3: It's a way to spend some good, quality time...

Getting out of the house, enjoying all our 108 acre facility has to offer.

Reason 4: We'll offer a ton of real-live-summer-camp-activities, offered by real-live-summer-staff-and-volunteers!

Reason 5: All those activities are optional, and there's plenty of free time! Want to relax and read a book around the lake all day? Relax and read a book around the lake all day!

Reason 6: It's just a lot of fun. And it gets folks to Camp a whole month and a half before Summer Camp starts!

(Yes, those are still snow tubes on the porch of the Dining Hall. We leave them out till the end of April to ward off any late season snow storms. Yes, it's superstitious - and yes it works. That's not really a reason. Just a thing we do.)

Yes, families stay together in our cabins, eat meals in our Dining Hall, and get to enjoy a weekend filled with our Summer Camp activities. Most importantly it's a great way to spend some quality time together outdoors, relaxing around the lake, playing in the woods, and soaking up all our 108-acre-65-year-old facility has to offer.

It's a Camp favorite, so join us and create a new May tradition for your family!

Registration is open NOW!

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