Thursday, July 13, 2017

Session 2: A Wednesday Morning (Pre-BFI) Cabin Visit...

It's Wednesday morning at Summer Camp!

And as occurs every Wednesday morning at Summer Camp, our campers are preparing to play our premiere, patented Capture the Flag Game, BATTLE FOR THE ISLAND...

Is Cabin #6 ready for BFI?

They're getting ready...

They're almost ready...

Look at those serious faces. NOW, they're ready to capture some flags.
When will Cabin #4 be ready?
C'mon, now.

Cabin #4 was BORN ready.
And as for Cabin #5?

Oh, well Cabin #5...

WILL be ready...

As soon as they put their shoes on.

Which, knowing Cabin #5, will be quite a while from now.

Pre-BFI Wednesday morning is a great morning. 

Let's go Cabin #2!

Before we can be set for Battle for the Island...

We need to take this picture.

And the oldest gentlemen in Cabin #1?

They're HUNGRY for Battle for the Island!

But like, happy hungry.

Is Cabin #3 gonna go after some flags?

Yeah, I'd say Cabin #3 is going after flags.

What week was it Cabin #7?

Spy Week?

Spy Week!?

Spy Week, Cabin #9.

Spy Week for sure.

And as for Cabin #8?

Well, Cabin #8...

Is a very serious and somber Cabin.

Especially Pre-BFI.

Morning Sunshine...

And Morning Capture the Flag, in Cabin #10.

What's up Cabin #11!?

NO ONE on Camp is more ready for some classic Camp capture the flag...

Than our oldest campers in Cabin #11.

Then we're out of the cabins!

Into our territories!

Split into our groups!

For some strategic talks...

And strategic implementation.

For some, "you ready!"

Some, "yeah, I'm ready, YOU ready?!"

Some "but it's still a kind, respectful, friendly battle."

Some gold collection!

Some hydration and...

Some team tactics!

Some Emergency Just-In-Case-Ice-Packs! (Which we prepare so as ideally not to have to ever use!)

Some Animal-Team-Chanting!

Some boundary walking!

And of course,
 Some good ol'...

Flag Stealing.

Followed immediately by some flag returning! it can get stolen all over again.

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