Saturday, August 19, 2017

Last Day of Camp!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Staff of 2017.

It is the final Saturday morning, of the final session, of 2017!

This means we have completed another successful summer!

This means the staff is hard at work closing down our wonderful, lovely, rustic Camp facility for the season!

This means we're celebrating the summer that was!

This means what we're not doing is making blog posts!

However, worry not! Soon, the Camp Blog will be back with more photos from the closing ceremonies and end of Session #7, and perhaps even a glimpse at the End-of-Season Staff Banquet.

But that's not all! As summer turns to fall, we'll be hauling out pictures and highlights from the archives of Summer '17 to keep our hearts warm as the weather turns cold. We'll be sharing camper photos and camper memories to keep Camp on your mind well after the last day of the summer.

Why, we'll have so much Summer Camp in Review you'll think you're back sitting around the Closing Campfire. Yes, we'll be sharing nostalgia from 2017 right up until we start announcing all the news for Summer 2018. Which is always sooner than you think.  

See you next Summer at Camp!

And see you soon on the Camp Blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Staff of 2017. Behaving in a way more natural to them.

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