Tuesday, October 2, 2018

NJ Monthly Fall Cover: Part 2!

As you probably recall if you looked at this blog like-five-ish-days-ago, we got a nice surprise when an aerial view of the 4-H Camp landscape was featured on the cover NJ Monthly Magazine's October Issue. 

After we reached out, the photographer who took the photo, Joe Polillo , was kind enough to share the original picture with us:

Photo Credit: Aerojo Drone Productions

It was taken last fall, but we're happy you get to see it this fall to have a bird's eye view of what it looks like when the leaves start to change (as they are right now) at 4-H Camp.

We're all used to the up-close-beauty of 4-H Camp, but it's a great opportunity to see our home- -sweet-home nestled in all the rest of the natural beauty of the State Forest, National Park, and beyond that surround it. 

Photo Credit: Aerojo Drone Productions

Happy October!

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