Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Happy Fall! Here's a Treat!

So, admittedly, we pretty much consider it fall here at Camp the day Summer Camp is over on August 20th. 

And, we DEFINITELY consider it fall (we pretty much have to) in mid-September for Fall Family Hike Day. 

But now, that to us and the rest of the country, it's officially fall, we wanted to wish you some crisp seasonal happiness with this little surprise:

Everyone's FAVORITE LAKE is featured on the cover of NJ Monthly Magazine!

Yes indeed, believe your eyes, that's a lovely aerial photo (from a previous fall) of our very own Lake Shawanni. We certainly agree with NJ Monthly - what better example of the natural beauty of the Garden State than the 108 acres we've got right here at 4-H Camp. Special thanks to the friend-of-Camp with a sharp eye who spotted us on the cover and sent it my way last night.

You can check out the cover on the digital version of the magazine here. Enjoy!

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