Thursday, April 27, 2017

Quadruple Digit Day!

A few days ago we celebrated a new holiday at Camp, one we observed for the first time last year: Quadruple Digit Day!

Yes, Quad-Day marks the moment that we have over a thousand bunks filled for the coming summer. That's a thousand camper spots being enjoyed during campfires, talent shows, and leaps into Lake Shawanni. That's a thousand bunk mates, Battlers-for-the-Island, and new friends waiting to be made. Ideally, that's a thousand happy campers.

Last season was the first year we hit the thousand mark as an open enrollment Camp. 

We wanted to let you know about this Camp Holiday via the screen in front of your face for TWO reasons.

Reason 1) If you've already signed up for one of these bunks (or more) for Summer 2017, thank you! We can't wait to create an amazing Camp experience for all our campers this summer, and there is no better way to support L.G. Cook 4-H Camp now and in the future than to send campers our way, to spend a week in the woods with the classic-American-Summer-Camp-experience.

Reason 2) If you haven't signed up for one of these bunks (or know someone who hasn't and should) now is certainly the time. Most sessions of Camp are now within ten bunks of being sold out. For campers looking to join our Lantern Family, refer your friends now, while there are still bunks open to refer them to!

Camp is nothing without the Camp Community, and we couldn't be happier to welcome (and welcome back) the thousand-filled-up-bunks for 2017 to that Camp Community.

Here's hoping to keep Quadruple Digit Day a holiday we observe annually at L.G. Cook 4-H Camp for years and years to come!

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