Wednesday, April 19, 2017

But is there still more Staff to meet? YES!

Volume VII:

Someone brand-new to Summer Camp introduces someone not-so-brand-new to Summer Camp as...

Yes, Robyn is another long-time camper, CIT, Volunteer, and Camp Counselor. After taking a hiatus for Summers '15 and '16, Robyn is back to teach the same Counselor in Training Program she was a part of just a few summers ago. And why is SHE excited about Summer 2017?

"I am looking forward to being back at my second home and helping develop the future C.I.T program!"

You can see on this here friendly-photo-relay just how many of our Staff members have been through our C.I.T classes here, so you imagine just how important to all future summers the C.I.T. program is. We're thrilled for Robyn to be in charge of the C.I.T. class of 2017, to get to work on creating the Summer Staffs of 2019, 2020, and 2021! 

(Seeing them typed out, those years look like they're all from Science Fiction.)

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