Wednesday, September 13, 2017

See you at Fall Family Hike Day!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend for our FALL FAMILY HIKE DAY!

Our Intermediate, Advanced, and Ultra-Advanced Hikes will all pass by this cool, massive Beaver Dam!

Just one of the many scenic views and points of interest you'll be able to take in...

If you enjoy a hike as much as Langone, Woodrow and I do.

Why, you can even take in the sites and have a pretty good time...

If you only enjoy hike as much as T-Nivi does.

You can still sign up here for another day or two. 

Call the Camp Office with any questions, and we'll see you Saturday, so YOU can see Camp and Stokes State Forest dressed up in early-Autumn-style.


  1. Ben, Where does last year's advanced fit in this mix???
    -the Idrissi's

    1. Idrissis! Good to hear from you. Last year's advanced is this year's ULTRA-ADVANCED. Since you were on last year's Advanced Hike, you know EXACTLY why we changed the name...this year's Advanced Hike will be the first part of the Ultra-Advanced...with an opportunity to loop back before we go too far out. Hope to see you Saturday!